xQc salty about Game Awards, says streamers don’t love each other – GENERAL –

Olivia R. December 11, 2020

The Game Awards featured a segment on streaming and esports meant to support the growing industry. But content creator Felix “xQc” Lengyel just wasn’t having it. 

While many took the Game Awards as a chance to celebrate the video game community, xQc decided to use the award show as a way to call out how fake streamers have been on social media.

Content Creator of the Year went to Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter, a popular female streamer with 100 Thieves. xQc didn’t congratulate the streamer since he was too busy making jokes about the award with his followers. 

Meanwhile, streamer Saqib “Lirik” Ali Zahid felt the Content Creator of the Year award should have went to the troll himself. Lirik said that xQc not even being nominated for the category was “fucking bullshit.” 

“I feel like xQc should have been nominated. Why was he not? That’s messed up. I don’t know who chooses these things,” Lirik ranted on his stream. 

xQc sasys streamers don’t really love each other

Despite the support from his fellow streamer, xQc was already on a rant about how toxic streamers actually are behind closed doors. On social media, xQc claimed, content creators create the illusion that they all love each other. xQc mocked streamers who tell each other to “keep it up,” even clapping to emphasize the fake wholesomeness. 

“Fuck off with that shit,” xQc snapped. “Everybody does that as a weird cover to get a piece of things and feel included. But behind closed doors, they all act weird.” 

According to xQc, streamers are not as nice offline as they appear to be on Twitter and Twitch. The former Overwatch League pro claimed that being honest and calling out streamers for being fake has left him “ostracized and pushed aside,” asserting that the streaming community prefers people acting fake and putting on a facade. 

“Everybody acts as if you’re a fucking leper, but they think the exact thing you think, and it’s fucking stupid,” xQc said.

The controversial and opinionated streamer added that this ongoing behavior in the streaming community was holding everybody back. 

Who is the number one streamer?

Despite claims that he’s made a lot of enemies, xQc’s honesty seems to be a hit with fans. He was the number one streamer in July, according to numbers obtained by ESPN. At that time, xQc was averaging tens of thousands of concurrent viewers. His followers enjoy watching him play games and just rant about the state of the streaming community, among other things.

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