Xbox Series S and Series X News Briefing Leaks Online

The events of this week have steered the gaming community towards the next generation in gaming. A significant leak caused Microsoft to officially announce Xbox Series S. The existence of the Series S console might have caught many off guard. But the announcement didn’t come as a big surprise to many, considering the accuracy of the leak.

However, what happened the very next day astonished everyone. Microsoft made the headlines yet again by announcing the price and launch date for Xbox Series X. It is their most powerful console ever, and Xbox loyalists were absolutely ecstatic. It marked the beginning of a new era in gaming, and the gamer is at the center of everything this time.

Now, another leak surrounding Microsoft’s next-gen consoles has emerged online. This time the leak is about an Xbox press briefing, which centers on the Xbox Series S and Series S.

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Xbox Series X and Series S news briefing leaked

Twitter user WalkingCat recently posted a series of four videos that showcases the entire Xbox News Briefing 2020. The videos feature Xbox headman Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox Platform Engineering and Hardware, Liz Hamren, and Head of Xbox Partnerships and Ecosystems, Sarah Bond.

In the press briefing, Senior Director of Xbox Platform Marketing, Cindy Walker, is interviewing the showrunners. They speak in detail about their journey and development of their next-gen consoles. Eventually, they also reveal the Xbox Series S console as well as the Xbox Series X price and launch date. Take a look at the entire Xbox news briefing below.

Most of what the showrunners speak about in the videos is already in public knowledge now. However, this briefing event could shed light on how Microsoft actually intended to make the announcements next week.

After all the details about the next-gen consoles were officially revealed, Phil Spencer labeled the rather odd proceedings as an “unscripted announce“. His tweet confirmed that Microsoft had initially planned the announcements for next week.

Xbox Series S has a price of $299 and the Xbox Series X is priced at $499. While the Series S console boasts of similar specifications as the Series X, the lower price is because of lesser SSD memory and GPU power with no external disc drive.

Xbox Series S will also be available for a $24.99/month price with Xbox All Access. On the other hand, Xbox Series X will come at a $34.99/month price for 24 months with the same. Microsoft’s next-gen consoles arrive on November 10th, with pre-orders starting on September 22nd.

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