Xavier Woods’ UpUpDownDown Wins Esports Award For Content Creator Of The Year

Xavier Woods’ YouTube channel wins Content Creator of the Year Esports Award.

Xavier Woods is always hard at work for his YouTube channel, UpUpDownDown. The channel, which has existed since 2015, was one of WWE’s first forays into someone on their roster building a brand outside of what they do inside the squared circle via the medium of social media.

In the five years that the channel has existed, it has allowed multiple WWE Superstars to show sides and their personality they wouldn’t otherwise get an opportunity to and now that hard work has been rewarded by way of an Esports Award naming the channel “Content Creator of the Year.”

Xavier Woods helped usher in WWE Survivor Series weekend with a battle against Tyler Breeze and Team LeftRightLeftRight in UUDD Survivor Series 2020. You can check out the full stream at this link.

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