Wink joins Invictus Gaming ahead of the 2021 LPL season

Photo via Riot Games

Botlaner Zhang “Wink” Rui has joined Invictus Gaming ahead of the 2021 LPL Spring Split, the team announced earlier today.

Wink competed with eStar in 2020, placing seventh-eigth in spring and falling at the bottom of the rankings the following split. While Wink has left the team to be transferred to IG, Academy botlaner rat was promoted to eStar’s main roster for the upcoming season.

Wink started as a professional player in 2017 by joining Royal Club, which competed in the Academy league LDL as Royal Never Give Up (RNG) Academy team.

He was promoted to the main roster the following year as a substitute for veteran player Uzi. After joining eStar in 2020, he will start the next season with IG.

Despite starting off the 2020 season strong by placing first in the regular spring, IG placed fourth in the playoffs. It happened again in summer with third place in the regular split, but taking only sixth place in the playoffs.

The team ended the season in a disappointing fashion by missing a spot in the World Championship after losing to LGD in the Regional Finals.

IG now counts three botlaners in their main roster, so it’s unclear if Wink will be considered as the main botlaner and if Puff and Snow will remain in the team in the upcoming season. IG’s roster has yet to be finalized, contrary to its Academy team, which was revealed yesterday.

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