What to Expect From Fortnite New Year’s 2021 Event

Every year, Fortnite hosts a cluster of events for its players. While some of these events cater to the game’s complex storyline, others are a celebration of real time festivals.

Players around the world have already witnessed Fortnitemares and Winterfest in 2020; naturally, Epic Games would love to end the year with an equally exciting New Year’s event.

Fortnite News, in a recent tweet, shared the visuals of the celebration in the upcoming event. Apparently, a huge rift will open up and a plethora of fireworks will occupy the sky while the Fortnite community welcomes 2021.

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Does Fortnite New Year’s Eve 2021 duplicate last year’s event?

Any player who was a part of the New Year’s eve 2020 would easily notice the upcoming event’s resemblance to it. The only noticeable difference among the two is the huge disco ball that appeared in the sky last year.

However, it would be too early to derive a conclusion from these clips. With the likes of “The Devourer of Worlds”, “The Device”, Epic Games has significantly enhanced the quality of its events this year. It wouldn’t be a surprise if the developers end the year with a colossal New Year’s event too.

To compensate players from around the world, last year’s event took place every hour until it was New Year in every time zone.


Players have contrasting opinions on the upcoming event

A lot of players seem satisfied with a rather lucid event for the New Year’s eve 2021; however, another faction of fans expect the developers to put up a better event this year.

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic, games have stepped up as a medium for people to interact and spend time with their loved ones. With innovative events like Party Royale, Fortnite has certainly served this purpose. The developers also collaborated with face to face social network Houseparty, owing to which players can connect with each other while playing games.

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From the looks of it, Fortnite’s constant approach to bring its players together has raised the expectation of players from the last event of this year. How do you plan to celebrate your New Year?

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