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In today’s ever-evolving world of ours, more and more Internet users turn to the relaxing pleasure of video streaming, eSports, and other forms of digital entertainment to unwind after the hassles of the day. As expected, they seem to be having a whale of a time due to the ease technology brings to make their lives fun, simpler and productive efficiency-wise. Never in the history of integrated marketing communication has video content been this useful to businesses. This is so because, in the old business order, traditional campaign managers relied predominantly on pictorial elements, shapes, and lines to drive home their points.

Today, with the advent of video streaming, the narrative has changed. Technological advancements have brought about real-time product demonstrations through sound audiovisual materials people can easily interpret as opposed to what existed in the old order where campaign messages, for instance, proved needlessly complex for an average person to grasp. Another breakthrough is the ease with which information is accessible, fast and appealing to the visual senses. This is especially effective in this era of short attention span where people are though impatient, yet willing to be entertained and, still in the loop of important happenings around them.

What then is video streaming? It simply is a technological innovation that makes it possible to transfer audiovisual data in a continued stream either for immediate processing or for playbacks. This technological evolution has made a transfer of video materials and accessibility easy across boards within splits of seconds. It is important to note that video streaming is not peculiar to entertainment alone. It has helped the creative, technology, media, public relations, advertising industries, and so on to improve the value of their products and services to consumers.

The noticeable impacts of this aspect of technology are obvious in the field of Modern Medicine. For example, webinars are organised through video streaming platforms as avenues for sensitisation programmes on the present COVID-19 pandemic, cancer awareness, first aids, and epidemic controls among other things. Viewers achieve quite a lot from ‘do it yourself’ programmes thereby removing bottlenecks for health specialists.

For the media and advertising industry, players in this field leverage video streaming to reach and inform their targets in record time with quality images and audiovisuals. This has bridged so many gaps as it reveals consumers’ demographic information which sellers need to engender online sales.

Not to be left behind, the educational sector has embraced this invention as well. Schools – primary, secondary, and tertiary – have benefited from e-learning comprising online lectures, seminars, training for teachers and students alike. This adjustment in the system, made necessary by the…

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