Valorant Bug Abuse: Following Omen, Sage and Killjoy Turret Abuse Now Jett is

Valorant has been the biggest blockbuster game of the year for Riot, yet the game is still lacking. Now and then fans have reported several game-breaking glitches in competitive play, which has spoiled their experience.

Recently, Killjoy & Omen’s bugs on Haven broke the game in ways players did not think possible. It seems like Jett is also following the same pattern of hampering the game.

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Following the community’s feedback Riot addressed the issue

Killjoy and her turret glitch enabled the players to install it underneath the map by going through the garage window, making it impossible for attackers to contest both Bomb sites B and C. Another bug allowed Omen to venture underneath the map with the aid of Sage’s wall. These bugs surely made Haven the most hated map on the competitive pool that players simply could not enjoy.

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Jett’s innate movement abilities are downright broken in Valorant

Mastering Jett requires countless hours of practice and experiencing gut-wrenching failures, but even just playing the agent is a task in itself. Players that have not spent time with the game will not able to go up against an experienced Jett player. Jett is a very powerful and highly skill-based agent that new players cannot put to proper use immediately.

If a powerful agent like her is also a bug abuser, with various movements and infamous Olofmeister like boosts in CS: GO, then it is a problem. This can snowball into a serious situation like Navi’s fountain hooks from TI 3 in Dota 2.

Noting that Jett is also the highest picked agent in the professional leagues, the possibility of it happening in high stake situations.

While there are no bugs with Jett, she is moving in a mannerism that should never be part of the game. While the entire concept of the agent is for aggressive players with an impeccable aim to dominate, it should not come in the way of the balance and integrity of competition, especially in a competitive eSports title like Valorant.

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