User experience in LatAm needs to change for esports betting to grow

Esports betting has been a global phenomenon following the cancellation of live sports, with the growth of the industry catching the eyes of many traditional sports betting operators.

However in the LatAm market the sector still has a long way to go before it reaches the levels of engagement compared to other regions.

Speaking at ESI Digital Summer’s ‘Esports Betting in Latin America’ panel Steven Salz, the CEO of Rivalry, explained that the reasoning behind the region’s slow development in the competitive gaming market is due to the culture of gambling in LatAm.

He stated: “I think the first thing is that the culture of betting in esports doesn’t exist yet the way that it does in sports. Traditional sports have just been around longer. There’s a much deeper culture going back, you know, more than 100 years to betting on sports. So, as esports has grown alongside that you are starting to get some development around interest in sports betting on it, but it just isn’t there yet.

“From our perspective as an operator the user experience that a typical esports bettor would get on the average sports betting site is just not what they’re used to. So they’re 15 to even 20 years younger sometimes than the average traditional sports bettor.

“The user experience that they expect to have on the internet with any kind of consumer product, they don’t really get it from a traditional sports book. That experience hasn’t changed for a long time. So they are used to something a little more modern, which just isn’t there.”

Alejandro Kowalski, CCO of MobadooAK, also highlighted that LatAm poses a potential goldmine for esports betting due to its viewership popularity. However, the reason why competitive gaming fans are not engaging in the betting landscape is, he said, down to the perspective of traditional operators not aligning with the average esports fan.

Kowalski explained: “We will also ask some more questions because if having half a billion ‘esporters’ – that’s the way we call it internally in the company – that likes to play their game, they do not care about spending money online, they buy schemes, they do a lot of it. And they love to brag about how much they know about the game. Why is betting so low and we’re talking about a five% contribution.

“We think that it’s a matter of perspective. Esport has been used right now for most of the gaming operators as one more sport for the regular players. The problem is that it’s really difficult to bring the regular player, the traditional better to place a bet in League of Legends, because they do not understand it.

“The point is that if the gaming operators focus on the esporters and the gamers and use the right channels and the right message to go after them. They will be more attractive.”

Following this the discussion focused on the difference…

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