TWICE will do a collab with League of Legends virtual group: K/DA

K/DA, Riot Games’ fictional virtual Kpop group, is making waves once more ahead of the release of their next album. The new K/DA album will reportedly feature several members of TWICE, a hugely popular Kpop group, in the song “I’ll Show You,” according to a report by Polygon.


Riot Games

K/DA successfully broke out into the music scene after their debut performance in the 2018 League of Legends World Championship finals in Incheon, South Korea. The group is comprised of four real-life musicians from both the US and South Korea. K/DA finally returned to prominence when Riot games put out a pre-release single, “The Baddest” in September of this year.

The TWICE members that will be featured in one song on the upcoming K/DA album are Jihyo, Nayeon, Sana, and Chaeyoung. Several other prominent musicians will be featured on different tracks in the release. It is unclear at this time whether the real-life musicians will assume the personas of the existing LOL characters.  We hope to see these new voices in amazing music videos that Riot is known for. It is clear that a large amount of musical talent will be seen in this upcoming Kpop album.

Riot Games is no stranger to making themes and tracks for several of their Champions and locations. K/DA isn’t even the first band to come out of the League roster. However, K/DA is without a doubt the most extensive musical project that Riot Games has produced. Kpop fans can expect to be delighted once the album is finally released.

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