Travis Scott Reportedly Grossed $20M for Fortnite Concert – The Esports

Rapper Travis Scott has become a cultural icon with a myriad of high budget brand deals including Nike and McDonald’s. But one of his most lucrative to date may have come from a unique concert experience that took place inside Epic Games’ Fortnite earlier this year. According to a source speaking to Forbes, the rapper grossed roughly $20M USD for the performance including merchandise sales.

For comparison, a single night on Scott’s 2019 Astroworld tour reached $1.7M, with the full tour grossing $53.6M.

Epic Games previously reported that the concert event reached 27.7M unique players and saw 12.3M concurrent users participating in-game.

Scott also has a partnership in place with Playstation, which according to a source in the same article is a multi-year agreement that is expected to ultimately earn the recording artist another $20M.

The rap world is becoming increasingly intertwined with gaming and esports. The Pittsburgh Knights organization added Wiz Khalifa as a strategic partner last year, Post Malone became a part of the Envy Gaming ownership group in August, and FaZe Clan and Luminosity Gaming have received investments from Offset and Tory Lanez respectively.

The trend is even starting to expand globally, as London-based organization Fnatic signed British rapper Lukman “Not3s” odunaike to its talent roster last month.

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