Toxic Gaming Communities || The world’s most toxic gaming communities

One of the best parts of esports is the variety. Dozens of games have fostered competitive scenes, from sports simulation titles like FIFA to sci-fi strategy games like Starcraft. Every competitive esports scene was assembled by its regular player base, and another perk of esports is being able to play the same game as the pros, oftentimes for free.

However, not all gaming communities are made equal. Each game comes with a different kind of culture, and some are more poisonous than others. A toxic gaming community can almost ruin a video game by itself, and even fans of this esports will admit to the belligerence of the average player. These are the top 10 most toxic gaming communities in the world.

10. Overwatch

Our first example is an exception to the rule. While there are plenty of loudmouth Reaper “mains” and voice-chat abusing Winstons out there, Overwatch largely avoids problems with toxicity. A strict code of conduct enforces consequences for Overwatch esports players showing bad manners. Comprehensive word filters make for a tranquil, casual experience more often than not, though some argue Activision-Blizzard’s methods are a little overbearing.

Overwatch’s reputation as a toxicity-free game was partially spawned from a famous Kotaku article accusing the game’s player base of being too nice. That can’t be said for the other toxic gaming communities on this list.

9. Hearthstone

Hearthstone-toxic-gaming-communityHearthstone-toxic-gaming-communityIt might be hard to imagine toxic behavior coming from a card game. While Activision-Blizzard’s other esports title Overwatch has several measures in place to prevent communication abuse, Hearthstone’s tools are preemptively limited to six voluntary emotes. The most threatening produces a short, snarky quip from your character. 

Due to Hearthstone’s often-random and explosive nature, expect to see those emotes fly at every opportunity. Take too long to sequence your turn? Stomp your opponent? Get mildly lucky? Expect emote spam. The limited options prevent anything beyond minor annoyance, but Hearthstone’s most toxic players would clearly do much worse if they could. 

8. Rocket League

Rocket League’s emote system works very similarly to Hearthstone. Most players have a few preset messages tied to hotkeys, and that’s it. Typing in text chat is possible, but the fast-paced nature of Rocket League makes that impractical. The key difference between Hearthstone and Rocket League is that the latter is team-based. What does this mean?

The guy chat-spamming can be your teammate. Rocket League’s griefing potential helps elevate it to one of the most toxic gaming communities. Matches are short, and players are quick to judge each other. The younger player base also makes for some less-than-emotionally-stable teammates even at the highest levels of play. Still, there’s a fairly big jump to the next spot in our list of the most toxic gaming communities…

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