Top 5 Call Of Duty Games Of All Time

We have seen a new Call Of Duty title every year since the first one came out in 2003. The largely popular FPS is one of the best combat games of all time. With gripping storylines ranging from futuristic combat to World War history, the game has given us everything. It has given us characters we felt for and stories that will remain with us forever.

The first title itself won over eighty Game of the Year awards. That is a huge achievement. Over the years, the entire franchise has earned grossed around $15 billion and has sold over 300 million copies. The game is published by Activision and is developed by Infinity Ward, Treyarch, or Sledgehammer Games. We have 16 COD titles so fare and each one of them has a unique storyline, combat style, and gameplay experience. But, there are a few titles that stand out in terms of delivering the best experience ever. From Dimitri Patrenko to Soap, from Hitler to Makarov, we have seen our fair share of brave-heart heroes and cold-blooded villains. So, what is the best Call Of Duty game of all time? Take a look at our top 5:

5. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2

The sequel to the original Black Ops, this game was revolutionary for the entire franchise. The game also introduced branching storylines where the in-game decisions affected the final outcome of the campaign. The story is set in two different times, one during the original Cold War with Alex Maso as the protagonist and the other in the 2025 Cold War that features Alex’s son David. It takes you from the traditional war setting of 1986-89 to the futuristic combat of 2025. The game features a horde of high-tech weaponry, vehicles you can drive, and a Zombies!

What also makes this game unique is that it was the first time Cod games introduced killstreaks in Multiplayer. This set a benchmark for the COD multiplayer mode and has grown over the years. So, Black Ops 2 makes it to Number 5 on our list.

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4. Call Of Duty 2

This game was a benchmark and set the standard for all the COD games we have today. Taking place during World War 2, it was an absolute masterpiece. The game featured 3 different campaigns: British, Soviet, and American.

The British campaign follows the story of Sgt. John Davis under the command of Captain Price. This campaign takes you through Egypt to assault the German troops and ends with the Battle for Caen. The Soviet Campaign follows the story of Private Vasili Koslov of the 13th Guards Rifle Division. From defending Moscow against advancing German troops to taking back Stalingrad from them, this campaign has it all. And the American Campaign involves playing as Corporal Bill Taylor in the assault of Pointe du Hoc. This campaign also involves a sniper mission and a final mission where you have to defeat German Tiger I tanks. COD 2 was a pioneer for the franchise and there has…

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