The growth of esports in a pandemic world

First of all, those who are fans of more traditional sports must have found it somewhat surprising that sports TV channels are more open to live broadcasts of esports events.

Currently, game events like League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter Strike, among others, have moved millions in cash and even people around esports. So, in the midst of a pandemic that has plagued the world and, as collective and physical sports cannot be practiced, virtual sports are gaining more space and fans.

As a result, new generations are connecting more to virtual sports compared to physical sports. Therefore, in this post you will see the growth of esports in a world of pandemic, in addition to other subjects, such as the world of betting and online casino.

The growth of the esports market

The esports scene has been expanding recently, because, every day, more people sought these sports. However, the covid-19 pandemic came to give strength to this virtual modality. Thus, according to information from Newzoo, an entity that conducts research on esports, the market in global terms should turn over US $ 1.59 billion, this only in the year of 2020. This number more than tripled in relation to the year of 2018, since the total turnover was US $ 480 million.

Also according to Newzoo, esports in terms of revenue from ticket sales, various products, sponsorships and media spaces should reach an amount of US $ 897 million by the end of 2020. Consequently, esports already have a consolidated space in the world. all over, mainly in Brazil.

According to the opinion of a Vixio Regulatory Intelligence executive, most gamblers and the general population will not return to traditional casinos when they are reopened to the public, but many will choose to bet online.

In this sense, online betting sites are increasingly receiving more visitors due to the pandemic, which has attracted the attention of even entrepreneurs who had not yet thought about joining the virtual business.

Indeed, the online casino industry was one of the few sectors that grew during the year 2020. And, according to Research and Markets estimates, the online gambling or betting market is expected to reach $ 127.3 billion in 2027.

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