The best esports games to play in 2020.

Esports has been growing in popularity over the last few years, and has become almost akin to a competitive professional sport now. There are various pro teams and players who participate in events all throughout the year, with multi-million dollar prize pools on the line, and many of them are also backed by corporate sponsorships and partnerships. Esports events themselves are also big draws in terms of viewership, drawing huge numbers on live streaming sites such as Twitch. Another example of the growing spread of esports can be seen in the casino industry, where many bookmakers, both traditional and online, have begun offering odds and markets on esports matches and tournaments. This was especially visible during the first half of this year, when live sports was virtually at a complete standstill all over the world due to the pandemic. Esports events were the only markets for many online gambling providers and sports betting operators to run in such a scenario, and there were many who were actively promoting these markets, as well as offering various bonuses and offers for first-time players. This is likely to continue even as sports has returned, with esports proving to be a very popular and exciting new medium of entertainment.

The esports market is expected to cross $1.3 billion in value this year, with over 500 million fans worldwide. Thus, it is also important to know which are the games that are most popular and draw the most fans, as these are invariably also the ones which will generate the most revenue through ads and sponsorships. Therefore, we are pleased to offer you the top most popular esports games prepared by Winz Casino.


Ever since its release in 2013, DOTA remains one of the most popular games in the world for both casual gamers as well as professional esports players. A standard game of DOTA will have two teams of five players each, with each player controlling a unique character. The aim of the game is to safeguard your team’s fortress, while destroying the other team’s base on the other side of the game map. Each character has unique abilities and strengths, which makes it important to select a team with balanced capabilities. The annual DOTA tournament, called the International, is one of the biggest esports events in the world, with annual prize pools of more than $30 million.


Epic Games’ Fortnite has arguably rewritten the way in which esports works, with its wacky characters, game mechanics and the highly popular battle royale game mode. The game is regularly updated with new maps, characters and other in-game upgrades at the end of every season. The battle royale game mode sees the player parachuted into the map alongside 99 other players, and the aim is to then find and scavenge for weapons, resources, other items and even vehicles, while aiming to be the last man standing. This is made…

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