The beginner’s guide to esports betting in 2020 – GENERAL – News

Albert S. September 25, 2020

The esports betting market is growing at a rapid pace with every passing year. In fact, the global esports audience is expected to reach over 580 million people by the end of 2020. Statistics reveal that the total turnover on esports betting already reaches billions of dollars making esports betting one of the fastest-growing categories in online gambling. 

An abundance of tournaments and competitions every week means there’s a lot of matches to wager on, providing bettors with the opportunity to pocket substantial prizes. But before fans start betting, there’s definitely some information they should know.

Basic Types of Esports Bets

When it comes to esports betting, enthusiasts should have basic knowledge before they start placing real-money bets. It’s important to note that the various types of bets feature different odds. Here’s a brief summary of each type, so bettors know where to begin when looking at some selected esports sites with bets explained

  • Outright bets – This type of bet is found in almost every esports event. Simply put, fans place bets on the outcome of the entire competition. Such bets are usually placed before the start of the season, but these are also available after the competition kicks off. The more teams and players that compete against each other, the higher the odds are.
  • Match bets – As the name suggests, match bets are placed on the outcome of a specific match. There are three types of match bets: win, lose, or draw. Depending on the bookmaker, bettors can use cash, in-game skins, or cryptocurrency to make these wagers. Due to their simplicity, match bets are among the most frequently placed bets.
  • Handicap bets – This type of bet can be very profitable, especially if a fan closely follows the competition. A handicap gives a small advantage to a team that is considered to be weaker. In that way, the favorite team needs to catch up with the advantage given to its weaker opponent in order to win.
  • Accumulator bets – Accumulator bets can be riskier, but the rewards are also higher. Such wagers allow bettors to “accumulate” several bets at once instead of waiting for one wager.
  • Special bets – Sometimes these are called “novelty bets.” They are placed on an event that is extremely unlikely to happen within a tournament (think which team makes the first kill or how many times Roshan will be killed after respawning). These are not particularly common bets on the esports market, but they add extra excitement to the betting session.

Important Strategies for Placing Esports Bets

When wagering on esports, bettors need to craft a strategy that will fit their bankroll and goals. These strategies can in part be informed by super betting sites themselves. It is extremely important for bettors to be consistent and focus on the game they are most familiar with. This allows bettors to…

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