The 7 most memorable CS:GO plays/moments from 2020

It’s hard to sugarcoat 2020. Though the year started off with high hopes and dreams like any other, the world soon found itself facing a pandemic.

Considering LAN events were the pinnacle of each title’s competitive scene, a year without them felt strange to most fans. CS:GO was perhaps one of the most notable titles where players were feeding off the crowds’ energy, and their absence pushed down the scene to a state it has never experienced before. There were always online events, but almost all of them were seen as tickets to LAN events that wouldn’t be there anymore.

One of the main reasons why CS:GO events draw in so many viewers is that the game’s genuinely a spectator title. This means that even a person who has never played Counter-Strike will still be able to tell what’s happening during a CS:GO round. This attracts mass amounts of casual viewers in addition to die-hard fans, increasing the overall viewer count.

Millions of fans may haven’t been able to go berserk over the best CS:GO plays in 2020 in stadiums, but they were surely moved from their seats, and Twitch chat was flooded with countless PogChamp emotes.

Here are the best CS:GO plays and moments that occurred throughout 2020.

The odds are with Na’Vi, or are they?—Na’Vi vs. Team Vitality: Grand Finals of IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Europe

Statistically speaking, each CS:GO round is always winnable for either team. There will always be an opportunity to turn things around, but it doesn’t happen too often when you’re in a one-vs-four situation.

Having the numbers advantage may cause casual players to take things a bit easier on pub matches, but Na’Vi were playing the round by the book during the grand finals of IEM Beijing-Haidian 2020 Europe against Team Vitality’s ZywOo, a player considered to be one of the greatest even though 2019 was his first competitive year on the highest stage of CS:GO.

Not only was ZywOo the last player on his team alive, but he was also brought down to less than 10 HP by Na’Vi’s electronic, who died shortly after ZywOo sensed his presence. The desperate situation that ZywOo was in could be felt through caster Alex “Machine” Richardson’s tone, but ZywOo suddenly started landing headshot after headshot.

ZywOo fired his pistol a total of six times during this clip, and four of them resulted in headshots—simply an exceptional show of his accuracy. 

Peek-a-boo—GODSENT vs. Mousesports: DreamHack Masters Day Six

Jump scares have been the number one tool of horror games to catch players off-guard. You’d expect CS:GO to be free of them, at least for professional players who know the ins and outs of every map in CS:GO.

This wasn’t the case for GODSENT during…

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