The 7 best gaming laptop cases

After spending money on a top-of-the-range gaming laptop, it makes sense to keep it safe using a case. The best gaming laptop cases protect against bumps and scratches and minimize the chances of your screen getting damaged. 

Most laptop cases have thick padding, and some even have foam on the inside to keep your laptop snug and stop it from moving. The exteriors can be made from a range of materials like nylon, plastic, or even metal in some cases. Most gamers need space for their mouse, charger, and other equipment, so a good gaming laptop case should have pockets or compartments to store everything. 

The best gaming laptop cases come in different sizes, and it’s essential to get one that isn’t too big or too small for your laptop. If it’s too small, it can scratch your laptop, and if it’s too big, your laptop might move around and get damaged.

Here are seven of the best laptop cases in different styles and sizes to help you choose the best fit for you.

Casematix 15 to 17-inch Waterproof Laptop Hard Case

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The Casematix Laptop Case is a bit bulky, but it offers the ultimate protection for your gaming laptop. The outside is constructed from a crushproof and waterproof polymer plastic that should handle knocks and bumps with ease. The interior is lined with soft foam padding on the top and bottom, and it even comes with three spare foam pads. Spare foam pads can be used for extra cushioning or as a barrier between your laptop and your mouse and headset.

Being waterproof is an added advantage because you don’t have to worry about spills and you can carry it around in any weather conditions. Since the interior dimensions are quite large, you have the flexibility to use it for laptops ranging between 15 and 18-inches. The Casematix Laptop Case is easy to carry with a folding handle, and it also has four heavy-duty latches to keep it shut.

ASUS ROG 15-inch Messenger Bag 

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If you’d prefer something lightweight and stylish, the Asus ROG Messenger Bag is an excellent choice. It’s made from 1260D Gucci Polyester, which Asus claims is lighter and 40 percent more durable than regular polyester. It’s scratch-resistant but has limited water resistance. This case has enough space for 15.6-inch laptops to fit comfortably without moving around.

Flexibility is key to this laptop case, and you can customize it to your needs. Both the side pocket and internal mesh sleeves are detachable and can store your mouse, headset, and charger. There’s also a detachable side strap to hold the case in place if you’re on the move, and you can remove it when you’re done. The Asus ROG Messenger bag doesn’t offer the best protection, but it’s great-looking and easy to carry.

Alienware 17-inch Vindicator 2.0 

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The Alienware Vindicator is a better option…

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