The 7 best gaming desks with LED lights

After spending lots of cash on your gaming rig and other accessories like headsets and gaming chairs, you shouldn’t cut corners and use a cheap desk. A suitable gaming desk has enough space for all your equipment and can handle all the weight. It should also have great build-quality to last for years.

The best gaming desks are comfortable to sit at for hours at a time, and many of them have accessories like cupholders and holders for your headset and controllers. They even have channels to run your cables to keep them hidden from view. 

Many new gaming desks come with LED lighting. The lighting creates a relaxed atmosphere and looks fantastic. Some desks can even sync with your case, mice, or other hardware.

Here are seven of the best gaming desks with LED lights.

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The Lian Li DK-04X is both a gaming case and a gaming desk. All your components sit under the tabletop, and you can choose whether it’s visible or not at the touch of a button. As a case, it has four front and rear 120mm fans. There’s also space for liquid cooling and up to 10 hard drive bays. 

This desk is made from lightweight aluminum and is electrically height adjustable between 685 and 1175mm. The top is made from a large sheet of tempered glass to show off your build. If you’d rather hide your cabling, you can press a button, and the tempered glass frosts up. There are dedicated buttons for the fan and RGB lighting, and it has built-in USB ports, including a USB-C port. The LEDs are limited and confined to the button area, but you can add a lighting kit with RGB compatibility.

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The Eureka Ergonomic Z60 is much cheaper and comes in the popular Z-shaped design. One of the best things about it is the modular design. It has an extended list of compatible parts like dual monitor stands, keyboard trays, and CPU holders so that you can customize it to your requirements. At 60-inches wide and 24-inches deep, it has more space for your equipment than most gaming desks.

The top of the desk has an attractive carbon fiber finish, and there are also built-in grommets to run your cables. The Z-shaped design inherently has excellent balance, but the feet are still adjustable. Both the left and right sides feature six-color RGB lighting in an attractive design. The Eureka Ergonomic Z60 is one of the best gaming desks with LED lighting, but it isn’t cheap.

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The Thermaltake Level 20 Battlestation is another massive gaming desk with enough space for your CPU, monitor, and all your other devices. It features electric height adjustment with a quiet two-stage lift system. It can adjust between 27.5 to 43.3 inches using the ascend and descend buttons, and there are also four height memory settings. 

This gaming desk also has a massive surface area that’s 64.9-inches wide and…

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