The 5 most memorable plays of Doublelift’s career

The League of Legends World Championship is the pinnacle of each competitive season. As exciting as it can be, the roster shuffles that happen afterward can be more shocking than watching your favorite team getting upset in an elimination round.

Though both the European and North American League scenes came into Worlds 2020 with high hopes, the regions failed to live up to fans’ expectations. Possibly the biggest disappointment, however, was TSM, who crashed out of the groups without a single win despite entering as the LCS Summer Split champions.

Shortly after the event, long-time mid laner Bjergsen announced his retirement and that he would coach the next split’s TSM squad. The North American region found comfort in the fact that Doublelift decided not to retire alongside Bjergsen, although he admitted he had considered it.

More than a month later, though, Doublelift announced he would, in fact, be retiring from professional play. Doublelift’s departure left the LCS without two regional legends and TSM looking for a suitable AD carry to push forward into 2021.

Doublelift will always be remembered for his wittiness and his affinity for pre-game trash talk, but he certainly had the in-game talent too. With skills to back up his comments, he became arguably the greatest ADC in LCS history, as well as the league’s greatest villain.

Here are the plays that defined Doublelift as a player during his illustrious career.

The dragon slayer arrives—Team Liquid vs. Cloud9: LCS Spring Split 2019

Playing ADC may feel relatively simple in public matches since the enemy team’s level coordination may not always be on par to burst you down. Considering professional players will know what their teammates think without even talking, playing ADC in professional matches turns into a real head-scratcher.

Not only do you need to position yourself without giving any chances to the enemy, but your team will also need to play to your strength. This was the case during the second game in the 2019 LCS Summer Split finals between Team Liquid and Cloud9. Liquid were confident that Doublelift’s Varus was more than powerful enough to take down the Cloud Drake and positioned themselves aggressively to give him space.

Little did they know, C9 were also getting ready to contest the drake. The fight suddenly turned against the Liquid squad, with Liquid’s Xmithie and Jensen going down. Losing two of your core champions is usually a huge warning sign—but in this case, it was the opposite.

Doublelift ran into the fight after securing the drake, flashing in and wreaking havoc while dodging all the skillshots that’d get him one-shot on the spot.

If I’m going down, I’m going down swinging—Liquid vs. TSM: LCS Summer Split 2017

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