TGS Esports Forms Discover Management To Support the Next Wave of Gaming

TGS Esports Inc. ( “TGS” or the ” Company” ) (TSXV: TGS) (FRA:5RH) has teamed up with Riley Trimble formerly of Spire Management, and Marius Adomnica, of Segev LLP, to form Discover Management, a full service management company to help esports influencers, content creators and players realize their full value.

“At TGS we are working with creators on a daily basis. One constant we have dealt with is that creators love creating but may not have the experience with brand deals or legal matters” said Spiro Khouri , co-founder and CEO of TGS. “We’re helping creators legitimize their career path and guiding them through that process. At the same time, we’re able to connect our partner brands with creators to create mutually beneficial relationships.”

Twitch, the leading platform for gaming content creators, had over 1.77 Billion hours watched in October 2020 with a daily average of just under 2.5 million unique viewers 1 . Content creators and other esports influencers are a vital component of the gaming ecosystem. New titles such as Fall Guys and Among Us rose to popularity with help of the recommendation of influencers and streamers. Existing games also lean heavily on creators to build and sustain interest in the property. In addition, creators serve as a vital lifeline between the brands they work with and their audiences. These factors have combined to make relationships with influencers an invaluable component of the marketing for any brand seeking to reach gamers.

“We understand the value that content creators bring to the table,” said Justin Simpao , General Manager of Discover Management. “At the same time, we can help influencers deal with niche situations that arise from the growing ecosystem of influencer business. This includes curating partnerships, innovating ways to help our creators grow their personal brand, and handling the complex administrative details such as self-incorporation and finance management.”

Riley Trimble was previously a partner and COO in Spire Management, a content creator management organization. SpireMGMT’s signed creators had over 148,000,000 watch time minutes per month with over $152,000 USD per month in Twitch revenue. He also cultivated partnerships with brands including G Fuel, Nord VPN, and MainGear PC.

Marius Adomnica is an esports lawyer who has been on the forefront of supporting the development of the esports industry in Western Canada . Marius has over a decade of legal experience and has worked extensively with content creators as well as esports teams, tournament organizers and players. He also serves as an advisor and on the board of directors for various companies and non-profit organizations in the industry. Marius looks forward to using his legal experience to assist Discover’s clients.

“Discover Management has a desire to…

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