Stephen A Smith takes shot at the Cowboys during Video Game Awards

“First Take” co-host and noted Dallas Cowboys hater Stephen A. Smith was a virtual presenter at The Game Awards on Thursday night, and he didn’t pass up the opportunity to roast America’s Team.

While presenting the award for “Best Esports Athlete”, Smith made sure to squeeze in a shot at the last-place Cowboys amidst their nightmarish season.

“I know what y’all are thinking: did they just bring Stephen A. Smith to The Game Awards in an effort to legitimize Esports as something equal to athletic sports?” he began. “Nah, that’s not they point, they’re doing their thing. When every major sports league in the nation shut down, Esports just kept on going. With that being said, I’ll say this much: All of the Esports athletes nominated are without question, more determined, more tenacious, and definitely win more than anybody on the Dallas Cowboys!”

Dallas dropped to 3-9 on Tuesday in a non-competitive 34-17 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

Apparently, Smith still is having fun trolling the Cowboys.

It’s been a big week for ESPN’s highest-paid on-air personality. In addition to getting a chance to gloat about a Cowboys loss at a large awards show, he took to Twitter to gloat about his $8 million annual salary.

And, on Thursday, Disney announced that Smith will have a new show debuting on ESPN+ in January, “Stephen A.’s World.”

If you’re curious, Heo “Showmaker” Su took home the award for esports athlete of the year. Su topped the other four nominees: Ian “Crimsix” Porter, Kim “Canyon” Geon-Bu, Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro, and Matthieu “Zywoo” Herbaut.

Alex Smith, Washington Football Team, Dwayne Haskins, Kyle Allen

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