StarCraft II News for 2021

StarCraft II News for 2021StarCraft II News for 2021

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Alright so we’ve discussed a little CS over the past couple weeks as well as some Dota. What I haven’t touched on is any news from the upcoming Starcraft2 calendar. Our sole real-time strategy campaign was a sore spot for the first year since I added it to the arsenal. While not every market was ugly for esports picks, nearly every single one was. The sole one that didn’t end in the red, which ironically is also the most popular, was match moneylines. I dipped briefly into the negative with those during the year, however for the most part was able to keep the head above water on this sole objective.

Why? Well, quite simply, I did not have an edge on match handicaps or totals. Gasp…

Yes, it happens. I’ve been tinkering with a few things on the spread side, nothing resolved for totals yet beyond exact scores. This essentially lowers the win probability as a 2-1 correct score is always above +200. Of course you then need to be hitting on the correct side of that as well. However, based upon the results over the last four years is actually the easier split for me…it is the total which has typically been the more precarious.

Now we know Blizzard is slowly pulling out of this RTS title. How much time specifically we will still have to work on this one is anyone’s guess. While I have already been preparing for other esports to increase volume, I have decided not to throw Starcraft2 to the wayside just yet. That said, I am going to still be respecting the challenge a little more than I did coming out of 2019.

Okay so what do we have coming up to be excited about SC2 esports betting. The Last Chance 2021, or first last chance of the new year, will be running January 12-17. It is part of the revamped Starcraft tour provided by ESL. SC2 should feel very fortunate that the biggest tournament organizer in the industry is staying the course even while the game developer is seemingly pulling out. So that is a nice 50k event to start the year.

The real big fish is coming in February however. The new Starcraft2 Championships will now be headquartered in Katowice as part of the ESL/IEM annual event there. And this is by no means just another SC tourny. A $500k prize pool with $170 000 going to the winner is a beautiful award for a game that desperately needs to garners some tier one esports attention once more. It is a bit unfortunate to start the year with such an event, however it is not a bad thing to be thrown right into things head first after the year I just had on this title.

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