Star Wars Holiday Special; Scream 5; and The Game Awards 2020

As much as George Lucas wishes it didn’t exist, the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special from 1978 is floating out there in the ether. Lampooned for over four decades, the Christmas program remains the red-headed step-child of the long-running Star Wars mythos. And thanks to a new documentary, we’ll finally learn how and why this much-maligned special came to be. Directed by Jeremy Coon and Steve Kozak, A Disturbance in the Force revealed its first trailer today via io9, and you bet your sweet bippy it’s set to Meco’s Star Wars disco remix released in 1977.

“Most attention on the Holiday Special just focuses on how bad it is and doesn’t go deeper,” Coon told io9. “Our film is not going to be 90 minutes of dumping on it because no one wants to watch that. We’re gone really deep in the research and like an onion, there are a lot more layers as to how the Specialhappened than you would expect.”

Watch below:

Today’s trailer drop could not be more perfectly timed, as the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special is now available to stream on Disney+. According to the first reviews, the 45-minute film is mostly meant for kids, but goes a long way in redeeming the ’78 special.

“We put it in proper context — against the backdrop of the TV-variety genre to see it from the eyes that produced it,” Kozak also told io9. “If you saw the Special when it aired in 1978, you probably liked it. If you saw it for the first time — or saw it again 25 years later on after the launch of YouTube — it was quite jarring.”

Coon is no stranger to the world of documentaries. In 2015, he and Tim Skousen debuted Raiders!: The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made, a look at the zero budget and shot-for-shot remake of the first Indiana Jones movie done up by three friends in Mississippi. 

There’s no word on when the film will be made available to the public, but you can be notified once it does via the project’s website.

Spylgass Media Group’s fifth Scream movie has officially wrapped production and in the grand tradition of modern day reboots, it’ll just be titled Scream. Yep, not confusing at all, but look on the bright side — Ghostface is one step closer to hitting the big screen once again. With Wes Craven sadly no longer with us, the new movie was directed by Ready or Not filmmakers Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett.

“Nearly 25 years ago, when I wrote Scream and Wes Craven brought it to life, I could not have imagined the lasting impact it would have on you, the fans. I’m excited for you to return to Woodsboro and get really scared again,” series creator Kevin Williamson, who is executive producing the sequel, wrote on Instagram. “I believe Wes would’ve been so proud of the film that Matt and Tyler are making. I’m thrilled to be reunited with Neve, Courteney,…

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