Sony’s new console could ‘end Console War’ and sell 5 TIMES more units than PS2

PS5 sales could be four or five times that of the PS2 and could ‘end the long running console war’ according to a leading Japanese analyst.

PS5 could sell 600 million units

Norio Imanaka, from the Rakuten Securities Economic Research Institute, had previously predicted that Sony’s upcoming console will sell 200m units during the console’s lifecycle – but he’s since revised his estimations.

He now believes that could be closer to 200-300m units, but suggested it could well be closer to 600-700m units at a push, dwarfing the 155m PS2 worldwide sales.

xbox series x 1

“Esports demands hardware that is fast and capable of advanced video processing, not only for professional gamers, but also for amateur athletes and spectator fans. The high-spec, low-priced PS5 is for today’s games,” he writes (cited in WCCF Tech).

Mr. Imanaka continued, “If the number of transfers from PS4, which is backward compatible, is about 120 million, and if more than 100 million esports competition population and 400 million spectator population are added, PS5 will be 6 in total. It can be a market of more than 100 million units.”

PS5 is a Terminator

The analyst also claimed the PS5 has the potential to end the next-gen console war – referring to Sony’s creation as ‘The Terminator’.”

PS5 is headed to a totally different dimension; so different from Switch, Xbox, or even PS4”, the translated text reads – cited by Bloomberg’s tech reporter, Takashi Mochizuki.

ps5 record voice chat update

Elsewhere, Sony was forced to issue an apology after claims that the company was listening to voice chat sent the internet into a firestorm.

In a statement by Catherine Jensen, head of the Global Consumer Experience division at PlayStation, the system the PS5 will have was once again outlined.

“Please note that this feature will not actively monitor or listen in on your conversations – ever – and it’s strictly reserved for reporting online abuse or harassment.”

She also issued an apology for the way the feature was communicated to the PlayStation community.

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