Smash Ultimate Player Kmoney Banned for Sexual Assault of a Minor

Dustin Steiner
in Fighting Game News | Jan, 4th 2021

Kenton “KMoney” King, a Smash Ultimate player hailing from the Las Vegas area, has been banned from competition indefinitely after being indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of luring a local youth to a meeting, sexually assaulting her, then attempted exploitation by selling photos taken during their encounter. 

“For the victims and survivors of human trafficking, this category of crime has been referred to as modern-day slavery, and we want to make sure that we are prioritizing it for the victims,” Nevada U.S. Attorney Nicholas Trutanich said in a phone interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The case was apparently part of a federal statewide takedown with a focus on targeting human trafficking in Nevada. Trutanich said that there have been charges filed in five different cases since December, with a partnership of the US Attorney’s office, the Federal Bureau of Investigations, and police agencies across Nevada participating. 

Shortly after this news broke, the Vegas Ultimate Conduct Panel issued their ruling on the situation. 

“We are announcing the immediate banning of Kenton King, known as Kmoney within the Smash Ultimate community, for sexual assault with a minor,” a Panel Representative said. “Though most tournaments have been put on hold, we want to prioritize the safety of the community and warn those who may currently or have previously maintained contact with Kmoney, either at events or outside of them.”

Kmoney’s arrest record shows that King met a Las Vegas local teen, got her phone number, and proceeded to inform the youth that he “owned” her. The document shows that King met with the child, sexually abused her, and then took pornographic photos. King also threatened to send the photos to friends and family if she didn’t comply with his demands. He then created a Tinder account and told her he was going to sell her on Tinder and that she needed to make $200 by the 9th of June, according to a police statement given to LVRJ. 

According to police, King acknowledged the contact with the juvenile and said it was his plan to “satisfy a sadomasochistic fantasy where he could be a master and have a submissive female as a sex slave.”

He was arrested in Henderson on suspcision of producing pornography with a minor, kidnapping, sexual assault, lewd act commited by a person over 18 with a child 14 or 15, luring a child using computer technology, child abuse and neglect, and possession of visual pronography with a person younger than 16. 

The Smash community is no stranger to any of these issues. Something of a reckoning recently occurred in the community where several prominent community members were accused of sexual assault and misconduct. Several of these folks, including Nairo, ZeRo and others, were dropped from their teams. 


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