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In Discovery’s I Quit (airing Tuesdays at 9p), entrepreneurs risk it all when they give up their jobs to follow their passions. The show is the first major cable series for new prodco Shopify Studios, the TV and film arm of  e-commerce company Shopify. Head of Shopify Studios Sarah North explains its unique approach to content and partnerships.

We think of Shopify for e-commerce. How did it extend into TV and film content?

It’s actually a very natural extension if you look at the company’s core principles. Shopify believes entrepreneurs make the world a better place, and we’ve always been dedicated to removing the barriers to starting, managing and growing a business – providing opportunity for anyone with an idea. Shopify Studios advances that mission by spotlighting a wide variety of entrepreneurial stories, bringing more voices to the space and, hopefully, inspiring others to follow through with their own entrepreneurial dreams.

Our primary goal for Shopify Studios is to create original, entertaining and thought-provoking content that – by way of strong storytelling – wields the power to redefine entrepreneurship, making it accessible to individuals everywhere. We are committed to offering an unfiltered look at the real entrepreneurs of the world along with honest depictions of entrepreneurial life – and it’s a brilliant, passionate rollercoaster, so get ready! 

We’re also uniquely well-equipped to tell these stories. As an arm of Shopify, we’re fortunate to have special access and insight into the entrepreneurial world, including the emerging trends, recurring themes, relevant stories and dynamic subjects. And we care deeply about getting it right, which shows up in the authenticity of the finished product.

Are their specific genres you specialize in?

Well, one massive benefit of our specialized lane is that the world of entrepreneurship has a lot to offer, in terms of diversity of characters, experiences and subject matter. We’re leaning into those superpowers, utilizing a wide range of genres and formats to share these stories. Empowering entrepreneurial journeys are our North Star that allows us to focus, innovate and think big.  

Our current slate includes projects spanning gritty docuseries, comedy and feature documentaries, as well as structured and unstructured reality, all spotlighting a variety of industries, including the worlds of music, sports and other entertainment. We’re also partnering with the industry’s best-in-class creators to realize these projects, whether it’s Academy Award nominated filmmakers or revered production companies with successful track records and specialized expertise.

Discovery’s I Quit

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