Seraphine Support vs. Mid Lane – Which Is Better?

Some of the most powerful champions in League of Legends aren’t the ones with absurd kits or numbers. Instead, these champions are strong because they can work in more than one role. A flex pick is a valuable tool for the drafting phase. It creates a fair bit of confusion and misdirection. When used properly, a flex pick can create serious draft edges.

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One champion that excels as a flex pick is Seraphine. This pink-haired pop star may have a lot of haters on internet forums, but her strengths as a champion can’t be ignored. Her kit gives a mix of both enchanter and control mage power, allowing her to be played both in mid lane and as a support. Professional players have taken her as both positions, but is Seraphine a support or a mid laner?

10 Seraphine Is A Support: Better Passive Utilization

League of Legends Seraphine Using Passive

Seraphine is a caster first and foremost. Her kit is based around her firing spells at a regular pace. While this doesn’t make her a raw DPS mage like Ryze or Cassiopeia, she’s still expected to not stop casting if she has the resources. Her passive is one of the main reasons for this.

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