Riot Games shakes up League of Legends with first preseason update

League of Legends is one of the most volatile esports titles. Each year, the game receives massive changes at the start of its competitive seasons throughout various updates. The changes come in the form of game-shaking new mechanics or substantial changes to the map itself. This incoming 2021 season won’t be any different as heavy changes are set to make it to the Rift. Riot Games had this to say ahead of their complete bombshell of game-changing information.

“It’s that time again! It’s preseason, baby, and this year, we’re moving and shaking with huge item changes from the Item Shop you open up every game to updates for some of your favorites to an all-new tier of majestic Mythic items.”

The first preseason patch notes just dropped and they are a doozie. Forget small adjustments that you need to accommodate yourself with, the game may be completely turned in its head with the incoming changes.

Pushing towards the future of League

The new patch features two important updates. The first of two is a long-awaited update to the archaic Item Shop in the game. The shop has not seen many updates in many years and not it’s receiving a massive overhaul. The shop will now display item suggestions depending on item build paths as well as enemy matchup effectiveness. The new changes to the item shop will be especially helpful as a teaching tool for the newer players to League. In situations where every second is crucial, it will help when players will no longer have to spend several precious seconds searching for the one item they need.

The second feature holds heavy significance to the future of the game itself. Mythic Forge introduces the new highest item tier that will form the foundation of every champion in each game in the future. The short patch video showed some of these Mythic items in action and the effects are astounding. Overall, this means that players will have more to bear in mind with each team fight they join. The addition of Mythic items adds a new layer of depth to the play style of League of Legends. The extra complexity of the game is a welcome addition as it keeps things fresh from a competitive standpoint. One can only imagine its effects on the esports scene.

Veteran players and esports professionals will have a lot of homework to do ahead of the official launch of the 2021 season.

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