Riot Games opens up Wild Rift beta testing to iOS users

Riot Games has updated fans on the upcoming Wild Rift mobile game. The game has been in production for some time, and it’s currently still in its beta stage. Although it’s not officially out yet, iOS users finally have a chance to sign up to be a part of future tests. Android users can pre-register for the game’s launch, while Apple users will patiently wait for it in the Apple store.

Recently, Riot detailed some changes for its first patch, such as stat updates on champions like Gragas and Vayne. Riot invited a certain amount of players in June to test out these fixes before its launch between the end of this year and next.

iOS users allowed in for Wild Rift beta testing

Unfortunately, Twitter users were not happy knowing that beta testing is only on iOS and not Android. Fans have shared that they have been waiting for months for the mobile game to release, and are disappointed in Riot’s sparse communication. The beta being allowed on one system frustrates fans even more, since there’s no scheduled release date.

Wild Rift’s Communication Lead Ben Forbes noted that future tests will include pre-registered users from the Play Store. For now, users on iPhones 6 and up should have no problem downloading the beta.

For other updates, Wild Rift Gameplay and Balance Producer Jonathan Chao shared that they’re looking into updating items before launch. This change will adopt some of the League of Legends‘ item updates. YouTuber Bruno Papa shared a list of all Wild Rift items available in the current beta before any of the future system changes happen.

Considering the game is being built from scratch, there’s plenty of more testing to do before it’s officially playable. Wild Rift may soon receive more adjustments, considering it’s only released one patch so far. Riot Games may still need to fix a few champions and abilities, but that’s all dependent on how the new beta testing goes.

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