Review: Lenovo Legion Y27gq-20 is an Esports MVP

Amid the growing popularity of esports, more middle and high school teachers and esports coaches like myself are looking for a gaming monitor to meet the unique requirements of gamers, multitaskers and graphic design students. The Lenovo Legion Y27gq-20 fits the bill.

This stunning, 27-inch computer monitor is optimized for gamers who demand high refresh rates and fast response times. It has NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, which delivers blazingly fast performance. At 109 pixels per inch, the Legion touts sharp images without scaling.

The Near-Edgeless QHD anti-glare screen is pleasing to view from virtually any angle. When the monitor is in landscape mode, the viewing angle is a generous 170 degrees, thanks in part to active matrix technology. During testing, I stood almost perpendicular to the monitor and could still read text on the opposite side of the screen — a feature that will make it possible for teachers to help students from a healthy distance when in-person instruction resumes more widely across the country.

User-Friendly Controls Support All Student Needs

Teachers and students can control the interface with six buttons on the lower right front of the monitor — a power button, plus five others that serve as shortcuts to game settings (such as profiles, overdrive and on-screen frame rate), input toggle, on-screen refresh rate options, brightness and color settings, and main on-screen display menu.

These convenient controls allow schools to accommodate students’ individual needs. For example, while a student in my video game design class prefers her screen brightness set to high and requires extreme frame rate when testing a video game, a student in my 3D modeling and animation class who gets frequent headaches prefers the lowest screen brightness level possible.

Myriad of Inputs Achieve Ideal Audio Quality

There three USB ports: one under the monitor and two on the left side. There is a 3.5mm audio input on the left, which can connect to headphones and headsets for TRS and TRRS output, respectively, providing 24 bits at 48 kilohertz microphone input. I plugged in a gaming headset during testing, and once I mixed the sounds, the audio was perfect. Other online gamers commented on the clarity of my audio output. When I took a break, I hung my headphones on the convenient 2.5-inch retractable headphone hook hidden on the left side of the monitor. Just flip it out when needed.

Adjustable Monitor Fits to All Preferences

The monitor’s stand has a black, V-shaped metal base that looks as stylish and tough as a stealth bomber. Three holes on each side of the V accentuate a blue plastic layer lining the bottom of the base, giving the display a unique aesthetic.

When it comes to setup and placement options, the Legion offers a lot of flexibility. The monitor attaches to a cylindrical post that is 13 inches tall and…

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