Razer: Chew Your Way to Victory With Our New Gum for Gamers

(Credit: Razer)

Nope, this is not a joke. Gaming PC vendor Razer is now selling chewing gum. 

On Tuesday, the company introduced “Respawn” chewing gum to help players “maintain focus and reaction time while gaming.”

The product is a partnership with the Wrigley Company’s 5 Gum brand, which markets itself to teenagers through flavors such as “peppermint cobalt,” and “spearmint rain.” Now with the help of Razer, Wrigley is tackling the gaming market.

A stick of the gum.
(Credit: Razer)

The two companies say they spent a good deal of time developing the product, which involved “focus groups and taste tests” to find the best form factor, ingredients, and taste for the gum. 

“Teams at both Razer and Mars Wrigley conducted various surveys with participants ranging from casual to professional gamers,” the review guide for the product says. “From in-home sessions where we gathered information on daily regimens, gaming schedules, and snacking habits to larger quantitative studies focused on general interests of gamers.”

The result is a new sugar-free gum infused with B vitamins and green tea extract to help gamers stay attentive. Each stick has five calories and promises to have a long-lasting taste with three flavors: Cool Mint, Tropical Punch, and Pomegranate Watermelon.

The marketing for the product.
I have the power!! (Credit: Razer)

The product also builds on Razer’s first entry into the nutrition market with the Respawn “mental performance” product—a caffeine-infused drink that launched last year. Unlike other energy drinks, Razer created a sugar-free beverage to help drinkers stay focused, without experiencing a potential sugar crash during a long gaming session. (Check out our taste test in the video below.)

Although the focus on nutrition may sound weird, Razer is betting there’s a market for the products, citing the rise in esports gaming. As a result, the company in 2019 created the spin-off entity Respawn to develop mental performance-enhancing foods for gamers.

Now the group is stepping into chewing gum, which can be enjoyed hands-free. Each pack will cost $2.99 and contain 15 sticks. The Respawn brand plans on selling the gum at select retail outlets. You can also buy a 10-pack for $27.99 starting today on Razer’s website.

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