Quadriplegic ‘Fortnite’ Player Signs Esports Deal With Luminosity Gaming

Rocky Stoutenburgh, known in the gaming community as RockyNoHands, plays games using a device controlled with his mouth.

Rocky Stoutenburgh, a quadriplegic Fortnite streamer, has signed an esports deal with Luminosity Gaming. 

Stoutenburgh, known in the gaming community as RockyNoHands, uses a Quadstick — a device controlled with his mouth — to play the battle royale arena hit, as well as other games such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Warzone and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

He gained visibility in July by participating in a talent contest hosted by the gaming site Destructoid and broadcast on Twitch. Stoutenburgh was among the top three contestants and went on to win a grand prize.

Stoutenburgh became a quadriplegic after a 2006 accident where he was play-wrestling at a party with some friends and fell on his head, which left him paralysed from the neck down. All the things he used to do with his hands — lifting weights, playing hockey and working on cars — became challenging, though Stoutenburgh got heavily into games and went on to achieve Guinness World Records for the most wins using his mouth and the most kills in a match using his mouth. 

At Luminosity, which is owned by gaming conglomerate Enthusiast Gaming, Stoutenburgh joins a slate of esports stars Harley “MrFreshAsian” Campbell, Muselk, Anomaly and more.

View a video of Stoutenburgh sharing his personal story here


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