PUBG Patch 9.2: Full notes and updates

PUBG‘s 9.2 update, now live on the test server, is bringing some great features to the battle royale, including a new vehicle, opening up driver shooting, several quality-of-life fixes, and plenty of cosmetics.

Rev up your engines with the new Dirt Bike, a single-seater variant available on every map but Karakin. Its top speed doesn’t quite reach the standard Motorcycle but it makes up for this with improved maneuverability both on and off the road.

Finally, drivers can now participate in the firefight. All drivers, besides those guiding boats and the BRDM, will be able to draw their sidearms while retaining full control over the vehicle. Be careful not to crash when you’re reloading, however, since it’ll reduce the steering input of your vehicle.

Team Finder is a new UX feature that allows you to search for teammates beforehand instead of random selection in the pre-game zone. Lobby chat is also added but will only be available for PC users for the time being.

The Battle Bride Pass is a new type of battle pass that focuses entirely on one character, Sadiya Qureshi. In the lore, Sadiya laid claim to the island of Karakin after achieving a victory, all done in the tattered remains of her wedding dress.

The pass progresses separately from the main Survivor Pass and will have 15 levels of rewards for you to unlock as you gain experience via gameplay. No missions are available, but you can purchase levels using G-Coin if you’re unable to grab all the rewards in time.

Here are the full patch notes for PUBG‘s 9.2 update.


New Vehicle: Dirt Bike

Image via PUBG Corporation

The new single-seater Dirt Bike is more than just a lite version of the Motorbike. It has its own independent clutch system to rev the engine, improved suspension for offroading, and some other fun features we know it won’t take you long to find, not to mention another fun addition coming in the future. The Dirt Bike spawns on all maps except for Karakin and will replace 50% of the existing bikes out there. We’re looking forward to a whole slew of new stunt videos with this one.

  • The Dirt Bike is a new single seater motorcycle.
  • Spawns on all maps, excluding Karakin.
  • Available in Normal, Custom Matches and Training Mode.


  • Great acceleration with a top speed of 130 km/h.
  • Off-road suspension provide superb performance on uneven terrain compared to other vehicles.
  • Outstanding maneuverability with the ability to disengage the clutch when handbraking to block auto-gearbox and allow hard turns while preserving engine RPM and momentum
  • Added ability to alter pitch using Shift and Ctrl keys during acceleration/braking.

New feature: Driver Shooting

Image via PUBG Corporation

It’s been requested for a long time and we’re finally happy to add shooting functionality to vehicle drivers. The new system allows you to…

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