PUBG Mobile star UHigh joins Bigetron Red Aliens

The Spring Split of the 2021 PUBG Mobile Esports has come to an end. The split was filled with action with different teams emerging from all nooks and corners around the world. The event culminated at the PUBG Mobile World Invitational in which Valdus Esports from Thailand conquered the eastern division while Alpha 7 Esports from Brazil won the western leg.

With Fall Split drawing closer, teams are looking to rethink their strategies and make the necessary changes to their respective rosters in order to be fully ready before the start of the official PUBG Mobile tournaments.

These professional teams are grinding 24/7 in scrims and unofficial tournaments while trying out new players for the teams.

Bigetron Red Aliens signs PUBG Mobile pro UHigh

The latest and most surprising news that just dropped is the signing of the Malaysian Star, UHigh to the well renowned and decorated Indonesian team Bigetron Red Aliens.

The announcement was made by the Red Aliens through their social media platforms. In a social media post, the Bigetron Red Aliens eagerly welcomed and dubbed UHigh as the 17-year-old wonder boy from Malaysia. The organization hopes that UHigh, through his prodigious talent and performance, will bring new colors to PUBG Mobile Indonesia.

Earlier today, Uhigh bid farewell to his previous team, Team Secret, under the banner of which he competed for over 1 and half years.

UHigh is known for his excellent fragging skills and quick reflexes. The addition of UHigh to the already powerful lineup of Bigetron RA will further boost their power and performance. It would be interesting to see which role he plays in BTR and which player he’ll replace.

Bigetron RA has had a rough spring split of 2021 compared to their usual standards. Ever since the derailment of PMGC:2020, the team has been unable to obtain podium finishes consistently. With this signing, they will look to turn their fortunes around in the 2021 Fall split.

UHigh has been a part of PUBG Mobile Esports for a long time now. While competing under Team Secret, he along with his team won the PMPL: MYSG Season 1 and Season 2 Finals while also clinching the Season 2 League Stage.

He also helped his team win many minor tournaments and consistently featured in the top fraggers list, winning various MVP awards. UHigh also has great international experience as he has competed in both the PUBG Mobile World League East: Season 0 and the PMGC: Season 0 with decent performances along the way.

It would be interesting to see how UHigh gels with the rest of the…

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