Opening Odds for LoL 2021 World Championships

After winning the 2020 LoL World Championship, DAMWON Gaming is favored to repeat in 2021. Photo by @lolesports (Twitter)

  • It’s a full year away, but there’s already odds available for the 2021 League of Legends World Championships
  • Fresh off their first Worlds title, DAMWON Gaming are favored to repeat in 2021
  • Read below for very early odds and analysis of the 2021 LoL World Championships

We’re only a few days removed from the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Finals, and we’re not wasting any time looking ahead to next year. DAMWON Gaming is fresh off an exciting 3-1 win over Suning  in the finals, giving Korea their first Worlds win since 2017.

2021 LoL World Championship odds are already available, and predictably, the teams who were favored in 2020 are the early favorites to hoist the Summoner’s Cup next year.

Odds to Win 2021 League of Legends World Championships

Team Odds
DAMWON Gaming +200
Top Esports +400
Suning +800
Invictus Gaming +800
JD Gaming +1200
G2 Esports +1200
T1 +1400
Gen. G +2000
Funplus Phoenix +2000
DragonX +2000
Fnatic +2800
MAD Lions +5000
Team Liquid +6000
GAM Esports +10000
PSG Talon +10000
Unicorns of Love +15000

Odds taken Nov. 3

Going Back-to-Back

DAMWON Gaming is officially the defending League of Legends World Championships. All tournament long, DAMWON Gaming was the most dominant team, and their only real challenge was Suning in the finals. If this team were to stay together for another full year, then DAMWON should easily be the favorites looking ahead to Worlds 2021.

The difficulty in betting on next year’s World Championship so early is that there will be some teams that look completely different. Even for DAMWON, they could be without a couple of players who were key in their dominant championship run.

On top of the possibility of player turnaround, League of Legends changes drastically year in and year out. It’s part of the reason that there’s only ever been one team to win back-to-back World titles. Whichever team best adapts to new champions and gameplay changes will be a force in 2021.

It certainly could be DAMWON, but at +200 there’s no chance I’d bet on them winning a second straight World Championship.

China’s Top Teams

There’s all kinds of teams in China that could be a threat going into 2021. FunPlus Phoenix won Worlds in 2019 and didn’t even qualify for the World Championship in 2020. That’s how much the League of Legends scene can change in a year. Top Esports is a more intriguing option than DAMWON purely because they have their entire starting roster under contract through 2021.

They also now have some much needed international experience under their belt. DAMWON won Worlds a year after…

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