Nick Eh 30 signs with Luminosity Gaming

Luminosity Gaming continues to rack-up the Fortnite signings, this time turning to longtime Fortnite streamer and competitor, Nick “Nick Eh 30” Amyoony. The always-positive content creator joins the likes of Muselk and MrFreshAsian on Luminosity’s content creation roster after the signing on November 11.

“It’s always been about community,” Nick told Dexerto’s Mike Kent regarding his Luminosity deal. “They’ve (Luminosity) just been one of those organizations that I’ve talked to and they really have that same emphasis as me, which is community and family … Even from that first call that I did with them when I was going through different organizations, you could really tell they had that emphasis on family and community.”

Nick Eh 30’s announcement featured a highly-produced documentary-style video that covered his early years; culminating in Nick revealing the news to his parents in a touching moment. The streamer is one of the most recognizable names in Fortnite after three years of streaming the game – always with a positive attitude.

Luminosity has had a long history with Fortnite – dating back to when Nick Eh 30 was still streaming on YouTube. The org was a large player in the Fortnite scene when the game first came out. Ninja was a member when Fortnite was still fresh and the org later added SypherPK, the trap king, to the mix.

After a dwindling interest in the competitive scene, it seemed like Luminosity was content to let Fortnite pass them by. They had players like Khuna and Hogman, but weren’t making the same splash-signings that some other organizations had been.

Luminosity Fortnite

Luminosity Fortnite

Fast-forward a year and Luminosity has one of the strongest Fortnite rosters out there. They have competitive players like Jamper, Keys, Slackes, and Eclipsae along with a stable of content creators from all across the globe.

With the signing of Nick Eh 30, Luminosity is making a push for one of the most versatile Fortnite rosters in existence. 2020 was a huge year for the organization; signing some of the biggest content creators and pro players in Fortnite. Nick Eh 30 is another massive notch in their belt.

Nick will continue to do what he does best, now with the backing of one of the most established esports organizations out there. We’re excited to see where this collaboration leads.

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