Nick Eh 30 gets streamer banned on Fortnite for stream sniping

Nick Eh 30 has had a big couple of weeks in Fortnite, hosting his own cup and receiving an in-game skin pack with his favorite cosmetic loadout.

The Nick Eh 30 Cup was another in a line of creator-hosted Fortnite tournaments where fans could compete against some of the game’s biggest names for a chance to win cash prizes. This one saw Crumble, a relatively unknown Fortnite pro, take home first prize.

The Cup didn’t finish with a lack of drama. Every streamer and pro player has to deal with some level of stream snipers, but Nick had to face this difficulty in the last match of his own cup.

One of the people who landed on Nick, Archie FN, was live on Twitch. He eliminated Nick and another stream sniper before dancing on Nick’s body for no less than 30 seconds.

The always-positive Nick Eh 30 was visibly shaken by what happened. He sounded disappointed and dejected as he went back into replay mode to report the stream snipers who landed on him.

Fortnite Nick Eh 30 CupFortnite Nick Eh 30 Cup

As thousands of Nick Eh 30 fans flooded his chat, Archie told them, “No hate to Nick. I want to give him a hug; he’s the nicest bloke. Nick, can you get in call and show me how to loot this place?”

Thankfully, Epic have been taking swift action to combat stream sniping in Fortnite. Archie received a 24-hour ban as soon as he returned to the lobby.

When Nick saw the screen telling him that action had been taken on his opponent’s account, he immediately smiled and laughed. “No way they did that,” he said, laughing. “I don’t know why I let that get to me so much, man.”

It’s always good to see justice served, and even better that Epic are combating stream snipers so quickly. SypherPK reported a similar experience, where he got a stream sniper banned in about 15 minutes.

Archie, for his part, released a statement on the alleged stream sniping. He claimed that he wasn’t stream sniping at all – that he was, instead, searching for a lightly-contested landing spot without any tier-1 pros. He was playing off-ping, and decided to land on Nick Eh 30 after watching the replay of a previous game.

“This is a video game,” Archie explained in a video. “Money involved, but why am I waking up to 600 DMs telling me to kill myself? I’m 20 and it doesn’t bother me at all, but the majority of the community is quite younger … you really need to think about what you’re saying to people on the internet.”

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