nCore Games officially announces pre-registrations for FAU-G; game likely to

After months of speculation and mystery surrounding FAU-G, nCore Games have finally come out officially and made pre-registrations available on the Google Play Store.

The game has been highly anticipated by the mobile gaming community in the country, if anything, out of sheer curiosity as to what FAU-G will bring to the table. It is a military-themed shooter that looks to depict real-life conflicts fought by the Indian Army.

FAU-G has been compared endlessly to PUBG Mobile, yet developers have remained consistent in their responses regarding comparisons. They have stated that the game has no intentions of competing in the Battle Royale space and is a single-player experience for now, with ambitions of incorporating some co-op features.

FAU-G is now open for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, which will give players access to the game ahead of launch when the Beta rolls out.

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FAU-G likely to release in December

The game, in all likelihood, is scheduled for a December release, as is the case with most games that roll out for pre-registration. For a while, it seemed like developers would be unable to meet the scheduled November release date, but nCore Games has finally come through.

Fans will be definitely excited to see what FAU-G has to offer as it is quite easily one of the most widely-discussed topics in the Indian gaming community. The game will initially be a single-player experience with some form of co-op play that hasn’t been fully explained.

Players will have to wait and see what nCore has in store when the game launches eventually. It is truly an exciting time to be a mobile gamer as PUBG Mobile is also set to make a return pretty soon as well.

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Published 30 Nov 2020, 16:56 IST

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