Nakamura Signs With TSM: Chess Is Esports

TSM, a professional esports organization that fields players in esports such as League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Fortnite, has signed GM Hikaru Nakamura. The deal makes Nakamura the first professional chess player to have signed with an esports organization.

The news was announced on TSM and Nakamura’s social media channels on Thursday. Nakamura recently participated in a video shoot that resulted in the following promo video:

Nakamura’s sponsorship deal with TSM is a new milestone for chess. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our sport shifted towards online play, and platforms such as saw a big influx of new members. Meanwhile, chess streaming grew just as fast, catalyzed by events like Pogchamps where popular esports streamers join the world of chess.

Meanwhile, the question remained: Is chess itself an esport? TSM has now answered this with a firm “yes”, which means the centuries-old board game is now being embraced by the billion-dollar esports industry.

Number-one esports consultant Rod Breslau agrees chess is an esport now.

“Signing with TSM, which is one of the biggest esports organizations in North America, shows the tremendous growth of the game of chess and the resurgence of its popularity,” Nakamura told “For me personally, it also shows that the current chess boom is here to stay and that there will be many opportunities to promote the game going forward.”

“Chess has remained popular on Twitch, and when we looked into it further, Hikaru is the reason why. Hikaru is able to engage with the Twitch community in an authentic way, and his mission of expanding chess’s audience really resonates with TSM,” Leena Xu, TSM’s President of esports, told

“He is a great competitor, and his growth on Twitch is very similar to how TSM first started. Early on we really grew our following by creating content around teaching fans about the games that we love. And when it comes to chess as an esport, we’re starting to see a lot of chess tournaments moving online (due to COVID). I think this move will help the community grow, especially with a younger audience. All around, this signing is a win-win situation for everyone.”

Chess has remained popular on Twitch (…) Hikaru is the reason why.
— Leena Xu, TSM President of esports

Technically speaking, Nakamura is not the first chess player to sign up with an esport organization. WGM Qiyu Zhou (akaNemsko) just beat him to it, reaching an agreement with Counterlogic Gaming only a week ago.

“More signings of chess streamers are expected…

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