mousesports is the master of the LoL Prime League

At the end of the season, the Prime League teams once again did the honors. Against Schalke 04 Evolution, the defending champion wins again at the end with mousesports. In the opening games, mouz showed his strength from the start – but Schalke was still fighting to come back.

Berlin (dpa) – The German League of Legends mousesports team have won the season finale of the Prime League. In a new edition of the summer finals, mouz beat Schalke 04 Evolution 3-2 and successfully defended the summer title.

“It’s a little hard not to be moved right now,” Niklot “Tolkin” Stüber said in a post-match interview. “I had more fun with this team than ever before, and I am very sad that such a chapter is now coming to an end.”

mousesports started the series with fire. After a good start in the first game, mouz managed to triple the lead in a few minutes and scored the first point without a problem. Game 2 also went to the defending champion in an impressive copy of Game 1.

Schalke faced a slap in the face, but fired back. The team initially threw a lead early in Game 3, mouz almost looked like the winner. But Schalke turned the game around after several team fights and fled in a fourth game.

There, Schalke was in great shape for the first time. In just 23 minutes, mouz was literally crushed, Schalke allowed only three eliminations. In the decisive fifth game, however, there was not much left. mouz resumed a comfortable lead, but Schalke could not find a solution. In the third attempt, mouz thus secured the title of champion.

It is doubtful that the teams will reunite with these rosters again. Tolkin hinted after the game that some players would face promotions. “I wish good luck to my teammates who will go to LEC,” he said, referring to the European Championship.

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