MMA SA Smarties announces 5 new Covid-19 categories and entering is free

The MMA SA Smarties has launched its Business Unusual Categories alongside its core categories for 2020, as well as a new submission process. Thanks to its partners, it will be free to enter this year’s MMA SA Smarties.

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Comments Enver Groenewald, MMA SA chair and Unilever’s Africa director: Consumer Channels, Marketing Transformation and Digital Transformation”

This year’s MMA SA Smarties reflect the seismic shift the world is experiencing at a social, economic and industry level. More than just being a virtual event, the importance of this year’s Awards is underscored by the challenging circumstances that brands and their agencies are working under. And, despite these circumstances, they remain committed to developing, distributing and showcasing world-class work. The MMA SA regards the Smarties as a salute to mobile creativity and innovation, now more than ever.

The five Business Unusual categories join the Smarties Core categories. This brings the total categories for 2020 to 16. They are:

Core Smarties categories:


  • Brand Awareness
  • Lead Generation/ Direct Response/ Conversions
  • Product/ Services Launch


  • Mobile Gaming, Gamification and E-Sports
  • Mobile App
  • Mobile Social


  • Innovation
  • Location-Based Targeting
  • mCommerce
  • Mobile Video
  • Data/ Insights (New)

Business Unusual 2020 categories:

  • Social responsibility
  • Brand Purpose
  • Customer Experience
  • Tech Innovation
  • App

“As we continue to honour the mobile marketing community by celebrating the best work of the last 12 months, it is also important to celebrate and acknowledge how brands are creating innovative campaigns to connect with their customers and pivot their businesses.

“As such, the five new awards are centred on campaigns that have successfully communicated brands’ efforts to align their Brand Purpose and Social Responsibility efforts, as well as Tech Innovation initiatives to help improve consumers’ experience of brands, products/ services during the pandemic,” explains Luisa Mazinter, MMA SA chair emeritus.

The entry mechanic has also changed and has been split into 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Preliminary qualifying stage for both Core MMA SA Smarties and the new Business Unusual 2020 categories
  • Phase 2: Shortlisting
  • Phase 3: My Smarties Pitch: agency and/or brand representatives will virtually present their entry and answer questions from the judging panel. It will consist of members of the MMA SA Smarties jury committee who are all well-known marketers from the SA marketing and advertising community. The best pitches will be awarded Gold, Silver or Bronze Smarties Awards.

Mazinter explains:

To win a Smarties Award is an outward sign of mobile marketing expertise, mastery of the medium and the ability to drive results. Winners demonstrate power over the medium – effectively weaving together a…

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