LoL World Championship Group Stage: October 5 (Worlds)

The third day of groups rolls in: North America stands 0-4 and are still clamoring for their first win: on the other hand, Korea stands undefeated so far, while China and Europe seek consistency. The day is full of great players to choose from, so let’s get into it.


Showmaker ($11,400)

Relative to other picks for captain, Showmaker comes in at a relatively cheap $11,400, which is astounding considering the match-up. Damwon has already eviscerated the two stronger teams in their group: JDG and RGE, and all that’s left for them is to pick up a win against the 0-2 PSG Talon. Showmaker is one of the strongest mid laners in the tournament, he played well against Larssen in the day prior, whereas Tank got curbstomped by Yagao, an opponent Showmaker already proved his superiority over. Showmaker is a safe bet against nearly any mid laner aside from Knight, and he’s a great pick up against a PSG destined for bottom of their group. If you’re looking for a different Captain, I’d actually recommend SofM. Broxah looked inert against MCX, and SofM is likely the first opponent Broxah has faced since Santorin who is indisputably world class. I think Broxah is going to have a rough time against the aggressive Vietnamese jungler.

Alternatives to consider: SofM ($10,500)  

Top Lane

Zoom ($6,600)

Zoom was the best top laner domestically in China, and while he’s challenged by Nuguri internationally, he is nearly unmatched in his top lane dominance. The best bet teams have are players like 369 who can hold back and resist his aggression. Finn is not one of those players. Finn is solid domestically in Europe, but he’s already cracked against Nuguri, and even domestically against players like Wunder or Bwipo. Finn likely is no match for a real world class top laner at this point: he is consistently down nearly 50 cs each game, even in relatively favorable match-ups against opponents much weaker than Zoom has had to face thus far. Aside from Zoom, I would recommend 369. Nuguri and Wunder are much too expensive, and Doran just hasn’t been a superb point for DRX. As stated before, 369 is a solid player and he absolutely stomped Solo when TES played FlyQuest on Saturday.

Alternatives to consider: 369 ($6,800)


Santorin ($6,600)

Realistically, there are plenty of fantastic jungler to pick from, but Santorin’s first game against TES actually looked pretty solid, at least early game before Solo fell apart solo (ha) to 369. Matching Karsa is no small feat, and while the jungler isn’t the focal point for TES, he’s certainly no slouch. Santorin was statistically the best jungler in North America, and the meta of Nidalee and Graves matches him perfectly, alongside strong performances on Lillia and Hecarim makes Santorin a potent threat. AHaHaCiK is by no means bad, but the jungle side of the FLY vs UOL match-up is…

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