LoL: New champion Seraphine teased on social networks

Please note that those information hasn’t been confirmed by Riot Games yet.

At the beginning of August, we introduced Samira, who could be the next ADC promised by Riot Games. A few days later, Brazilian streamer “Streamie”, already known for many leaks that had turned out to be true (Lillia, Yone and the Spiritual Flower skin line), gave new clues about Samira’s appearance and spells. They also spoke of the next champion who would follow, Seraphine.

On Twitter, Instagram and SoundCloud, accounts created in early June, but only active at the end of the month, you can follow a mysterious musician who introduces herself as Seraphine. Looking at all of her posts, then, one could easily think that she could be the next Studio champion, and that she would probably be a mage.

But where could Seraphine fit into the League of Legends lore?

In her bio, we can read that she is “an aspiring songwriter and producer” who has “big dreams”, and just landed in Los Angeles. This information seems more related to the future song for the Worlds.

Two themes are recurrent in her different publications regarding her lore: the stars (she even has one under her left eye) and the sea. She seems fascinated by the ocean and says on one of her tweets : “when i was 5 i thought a mermaid was just something you could grow up to be”.

This proximity to Mount Targon could also explain the stars. Indeed, this region of Runeterra has a magnificent sky, filled with celestial objects and multiple constellations. Another of the pages of her diary seems to relate directly to Mount Targon, where she talks about music, isolation and flightless birds.

Seraphine could be related to the mermaid tribe, the Marai. Also, don’t forget that her social networks show her in a real life context and that her in-game appearance, if she were to arrive in the Rift, could change.

The singer of the Worlds anthem?

On her SoundCloud, Seraphine posted a cover of “Childhood Dreams” by ARY as her first official musical release, and ARY also retweeted the song. And when asked if she had a League of Legends connection, she replied that she was “just happy that Seraphine wanted to cover my song” and said “her version is amazing.”

As you dig further, it turns out that this song is in fact licensed from Universal Music Pictures Group, which very recently partnered up with Riot Games. On one of her photos , related to her music, we can see what writes hello in English, but also in Mandarin. No need to remind you that the World Championships are being held in China this year.

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