League player uses Ivern brush bug to escape certain death

Image via Riot Games

One League of Legends player recently managed to flee from peril after a close brush with death.

A Reddit user used Ivern’s Brushmaker (W) to hide from four circling enemies and recall back to safety, posting a video today. An odd interaction with the bush has some players complaining that it’s an exploit, however.

The Ivern player offered a side-by-side comparison of the “bush trick,” showing the point of view of both teams. They placed a brush on the other side of a thin wall, but a sliver remained on their side. The player hid in it and instantly went invisible but that part of the brush wasn’t detectable by the enemy team. This fooled them into thinking the Green Father flashed over the wall, buying time for Ivern to recall back to base.

Some players argued that this is an exploit because the enemies can’t see the small piece of the brush.

“That’s straight up bug abuse,” one commented. “ONLY your team can see this is a good hint that it may not be intended.”

Patch 10.14 supposedly fixed Ivern’s Brushmaker, making bushes that spawn behind thin walls “no longer partially invisible” to enemies. But it appears the bug continues to plague the Rift. And with some players claiming there are more instances of this bug in other spots, Riot may have to try to solve this issue again in a future patch.

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