League of Legends: [Worlds 2020] SUP GBM: “I said let’s ban him… I didn’t

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TCL’s Papara SuperMassive took down LEC’s #4 seed, MAD Lions in the elimination round of the 2020 League of Legends World Championship. Behind the players on stage, as the mastermind of the team, stood SuperMassive’s former mid laner and current coach, Lee “GBM” Chang-seok. Even before the elimination phase began, GBM was confident that his team had the upper hand against MAD Lions, and now he has the win to prove it.


After the matches today, GBM joined Inven Global for a post-game interview. 



Congrats on today’s victory! How do you feel?


We still have another match, so we need to stay concentrated, but I’m really happy that we’ve overcome such a big obstacle.

This was TCL’s first best-of victory over a major region. Was everything “just as planned”?


[Laughs] I thought we had the upper hand against MAD Lions so I was confident with the picks and bans. I saw from previous matches that MAD Lions had a weakness in their champion pool so I thought it would be easy if we focused our strategy towards that.

I saw that video from GBM TV. Speaking of picks and bans, doubts and praises co-exist regarding your draft. What do you focus on the most when you draft?


You’re talking about Ornn, right? [Laughs] I said let’s ban him. The team’s opinion was… Well, I said that it’s alright to let Ornn through, but we would need to play against him with “this”. Anyways, I didn’t want to give them Ornn.

That actually resolves one of the biggest questions from the fans.


That was one of the biggest issues between us. I can’t tell you in detail now, but when I get back to Korea, I’ll try to make a Youtube video to explain everything.


Source: Riot Games


You picked Malphite in the last game. It seems Malphite’s tier has gone up a lot recently. How is he?


Malphite is a great pick if the situation is right. Our top laner, Armut, is really good and he’s been playing out of his mind lately. We had 100% faith in him, so we were able to play that. It was prepared, though. That game could have been our last game of Worlds, so I told him, “I trust you. Bring out a pick that you think is best for our team”.

You’ve been to the Worlds stage as a player before, but this time, you’re attending as a coach. What’s the difference?


It’s more fun as a player. You play the game yourself, so you can enjoy the battles, feeling that catharsis of ripping away your enemies’ flesh. On the other hand, as a coach, it’s like being Zhuge Liang. I sit behind everyone and feel proud when things happen as I anticipated.


Obviously, there’s more responsibility. There are many things that I request from the players regarding picks and bans or strategies. If those strategies fail, I have to take responsibility, but if they win, the satisfaction from that is completely…

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