League of Legends Season 11: date and time of the Opening Day Livestream

Finally! Riot Games has announced the date and time for the new League of Legends season, the eleventh, which comes alongside important news to the Summoner’s Rift, the start of the Spring Split for all the competitive leagues, the reset of the ranked season for all of us, and a new year of challenges and goals for the videogame company.

As we all already know, the biggest change in the game has been the new Items Shop, which brought the new Mythic and Legendary items, eliminated many of the old ones, and change the remaining ones.

But changes won’t stop there… the upcoming Wednesday, January 6th, the first patch of the year, Patch 11.1, will arrive at the live servers, and many modifications are expected to come along with it.

Two days later, on January 8th, the new season will finally begin.

As you can see on the Tweet above, Riot Games will broadcast an Opening Day live stream that day at 7:00 a.m. PST (16:00 CET), and it is expected to be the moment when all the new stuff will be announced, not only regarding League of Legends but also Legends of Runeterra.

Same as every year, the official competitive leagues will begin once Season 11 starts running. The Chinese League of Legends Pro League (LPL) announced that they will start one day after the beginning of the season, on January 9th, while the North American LCS and the League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) have delayed their opening a little bit, starting on January 13th and 15th respectively.

The European LEC will be, nonetheless, the last major region to start the Spring Split, due to the difficulties created by the pandemic times we are living through, so we will have to wait until the upcoming January 22nd to watch them live.

Season 11 looks very exciting, and we cannot wait to watch the new cinematic from Riot Games, nor to play ranked games with the new systems, and to test all the changes that League of Legends will suffer this year!

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