League of Legends Patch Notes 10.23 Released!

League of Legends patch notes 10.23 have been released. So, what big changes and innovations await the players? Here are all the details about the update!

League of Legends 10.23 patch notes, one of the most played online games of recent times, have been shared with the players. The recommended items section in the new update has been reworked, some changes have been made to jungle items, a few key differences have been made to the properties of jungle creatures, and some preseason champions have been improved.

What Does League of Legends Patch Notes 10.23 Offer?

As of the 10.23 update, League of Legends players will have the opportunity to use a shop that offers them smarter items. According to Riot Games, the renovation of this shop has several different purposes. The first of these is to make suggestions based on the progress of the game, that is, to offer smart suggestions to the players as a result of the evaluation of the opponent and other factors. Riot’s other goal is to improve the appearance of all items. The company stated that it wants the entire items division to have a more consistent look with LoL’s constantly updated interface.

The suggested items page now makes suggestions based on which champions you are battling against and how the game progresses. In short, it suggests whatever item is more necessary at the moment to strengthen your champion. If you want to choose your own item, you still have the option to use the all items tab.


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