League of Legends Patch 10.25 Preview Shows Item Changes for Preseason

League of Legends Patch 10.25 Preview
League of Legends Patch 10.25 Preview | Photo Courtesy of Riot Games

Riot Games developer Mark Yetter released a League of Legends Patch 10.25 preview on his Twitter. The post includes a list of the major changes coming in the next update. Yetter’s preview is split into nerfs and buffs for champions and items.

In terms of champions, seven are listed as getting nerfs. Jhin and Samira, two top tier bot lane champions, notably received nerfs. Jhin’s Dancing Grenade now does less damage. Samira’s abilities now have less life steal and her passive was also nerfed. Plenty of champions received buffs. Notably, Seraphine got an increase in base health and her shield got upgraded. Lulu also had her Glitterlance changed to do more damage. However, the Glitterlance now does less damage after passing through a target.

In terms of items, there were a lot of minor changes to major items. Sunfire Aegis received an important nerf, lowering the health granted by 100 points. Muramana now has a focus on only physical damaging abilities rather than any ability. The Collector’s execute now only works on champions. Numerous items received notable buffs. Rapid Firecannon now costs 200 less gold. Infinity Edge now does 35% Critical Damage if a player has a 60% Critical Chance. Everfrost and Luden’s Tempest both got increased ability haste. Although Luden’s Tempest also has a tradeoff of less magic penetration.

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