League of Legends: FNC Tolki: “I want to get our crown back as the king of EU,


As it is every year, this year’s offseason in LoL Esports has been hectic as well. In preparation of the 2021 season, leagues organizations and players alike are making their moves to compete at the highest level. LCK in its entirety is undergoing changes through the implementation of franchising, iconic players are hanging up their gloves to make way for young blood, and organizations work day and night to create a championship winning roster.


Fnatic, just like any other team around the world, have reorganized their roster for 2021. Rekkles, the iconic bot laner who’s been with the organization for the longest time, left the team to join the very same team that gave him so many top 2 finishes in the LEC, and with Nemesis also leaving the team, Fnatic brought on Upset and Nisqy as respective replacements. With the addition of a new coaching staff consisting of YamatoCannon and Tolki, Fnatic’s 2021 roster was complete.


Inven had a chance to speak with the newest strategic coach for the team, Gary “Tolki” Mialaret, over a Discord call. In the conversation, Tolki shared his past experiences with his former teams, reflected on what he did well and wrong in 2020, and shared how he envisions Fnatic will look like in 2021.



Can you please introduce yourselves to the readers?


My name is Gary Mialaret, and I’m also known as Tolki. I was previously an analyst for Splyce and T1, and am now the strategic coach for Fnatic, where I’ll be coaching the team alongside Jacob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi in the LEC. While I worked remotely in Japan with Splyce and T1, I’ll be relocating to Berlin, where I’ll finally be more hands-on with the team.


Give us your back story in esports. What are your origins, and how did you get started in LoL?


Over 20 years ago, I joined the fighting game community, playing a lot of Guilty Gear and Tekken. I got into PC gaming with Starcraft 2. I bought a PC suited just for Starcraft 2 and started making videos on them, and that’s when my esports career officially started.


I was a caster for Ogaming, casting Season 2 LoL World Championships. At the time, esports was more of a side gig for me, because I was always doing other work with it as well. I moved to Japan five years ago, and started my own LoL team, Hokuto Esports, for a year. It didn’t pan out the way I wanted, but it gave me the drive to continue pursuing esports, so my time with Splyce, T1, and Fnatic followed.


Even with esports-related work in my hands, I was always studying on the side. Having a good amount of education and work experience in other fields always helped me in my esports career, in terms of bringing management, organization, and efficiency into my role in esports.


Are there any games (apart from LoL) that you’re enjoying right now?


I’m actually playing a lot of games from Riot,…

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