League of Legends: DWG ShowMaker: “I’m really grateful that I was blessed with


Many people always argue about who LCK’s best mid laner is. Names that usually come up are Faker, Chovy, Bdd, and ShowMaker. It was often said that none of the latter three players have a single world championship, but in 2020, ShowMaker claimed the championship.


Heo “ShowMaker” Su joined DAMWON Gaming in 2017, while the team was still in Challengers Korea. From there, he took his steps higher, aiming for a higher goal each year. Much was known from after DAMWON Gaming took over the LCK in 2019, but I was curious about him before his triumph.


Coming close to KeSPA Cup, ShowMaker spared some time to talk about his younger days leading into becoming a pro gamer, the changes in the game, and the changes in the team.



How have you been after the World Championship?


I had a break after Worlds. Recently, we gathered up again and started practicing. Now I’m working hard like before.

Did much change after winning the championship?


I’m not sure — I don’t think there’s much that has changed. I don’t really feel it. Maybe it’s because I can’t go out much because of the pandemic.


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I’d like to go into how ShowMaker came to be. How did you first start playing LoL?


It was around 7th grade. I enjoyed gaming from before that. I liked Starcraft, so I watched Starcraft League a lot as well and watched a lot of games on OnGameNet. One day, they were playing League of Legends. I didn’t even know how to play LoL, but it was really fun to watch despite that I didn’t know anything about it. I convinced a friend to play it with me, and that’s how I first played the game. Soon later, the Korean server opened and it became popular throughout the school and I played with my friends.

Were you good from the beginning?


Oh, no I wasn’t [Laughs]. When I was first playing, it wasn’t that fun. I leveled my account to twenty-something and quit. But I found myself playing LoL again. LoL was really popular then. I think I was first placed in Silver.

I saw Nuclear interview you after Worlds. You had said that you didn’t want to become a pro gamer when you were young. How did you decide to become a pro gamer?


I thought it would be really tiring to be a pro gamer. I did like gaming, but I thought if gaming became my occupation and I had to play games all the time, it would be really tiring. In middle school, it was alright to play around, when I went on to high school, I had to think about my future. Well, I did still play around in my junior year [Laughs]. In my second year, I gave it a lot of thought. My friends were also thinking of what they were going to do.


At that time, I was going back and forth between Master and Diamond 1, just a person who was quite good among the casual gamers. I just played LoL for fun and only played the champions I liked. One day, when…

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